Nils Schneider

December 19, 2014

Negative Space in Roxterm

Today, I discovered a highly useful feature of roxterm: Adding some padding to the terminal.

It’s really simple, just create ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css like this:

VteTerminal {
  -VteTerminal-inner-border: 7pt;

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October 28, 2014

Sane screenlocking without a desktop environment

If you’re anything like me you probably lock your computer’s screen when you’re away from it. That is, you lock it both when you leave it while it’s running and you expect it to be locked when you suspend your system. And that’s where things got tricky when systemd started to replace virtually everything. Eventually it made the problem really simple, yet documentation was hard to find so here it is.

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January 15, 2014

Writing the RFID tag of a Bluetooth keyboard

So today I got my new keyboard, a Thinkpad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard. Other than working just fine as keyboard this device does have an RFID tag inside. This tag is used to simplify pairing with an NFC-capable device by just holding both device very close. In order for this to work the tag needs to store at least the keyboard’s MAC so I wondered what exactly was stored on that RFID tag.

This is what I found.

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July 22, 2013

vnstat auf den Freifunk Gateways

Auf unseren Freifunkgateways läuft dieses kleine Script, das hübsche Trafficgraphen mit vnstat erzeugt.

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June 20, 2013

Secure SSH authentication using an ePass2003

I recently bought an ePass2003 at the ATE in Lübeck. An ePass2003 is a cryptographic USB token supporting RSA and ECDSA algorithms. It can store up to 64 KiB of data and incorporates a hardware random number generator.

This post will help you get started with your ePass2003 on a recent Debian Linux and show you how you can log into a remote system using SSH public key authentication and your ePass2003.

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